10 Ways to Make Mother's Day Special

mothersday-daughter Clear your calendars because this Sunday is all about paying homage to the most important lady in your life! If you are all out of ideas, don't worry - we've come up with ten fun ways to show your mother exactly how much she means to you. 1.We are pretty sure that there isn't a single person in the world who doesn't love breakfast in bed. Alas! It is a luxury that few can make time for. This year, wake up super early and cook a delectable morning meal for your mom. Indulge her with a stack of pancakes dripping with chocolate sauce or some scrumptious bacon with eggs and OJ. Waking up to a delicious meal is bound to make the day a success! 2.Taking a trip down memory lane is always fun. Gather up your favorite family pictures and turn them into a cute scrapbook, complete with anecdotes, quotations, cheesy stickers and other memories like ticket stubs, brochures from family vacations etc. This idea is cost-effective, easy to make and a total winner! 3.Gift your mother some beautiful designer swimwear, use the special MamaMia discount code and get yourself 15% off your order. Pack your beach bags and spend this Sunday on the sands in celebration of summer. When is the last time you went on a picnic? Pack your picnic basket with yummy goodies like homemade sandwiches, fresh fruit, chips with dip and juice. Bond with your mom over sea breeze and a good meal. 4.Flowers are cliche, but that doesn't mean that you can't surprise your special lady with a bouquet! Why not switch things up and craft a sweet chocolate bouquet instead? This one is perfect for mom's with a sweet tooth. Gather up her favourite candy, stick skewers on the back and arrange them creatively in a vase, with a few flowers for decorations. 5.Lend your mom a helping hand this Mother's Day and complete those tasks that she always nags you about. What better way to surprise her than with a spankin' clean room? She won't be able to contain the excitement! Go one step further and do the laundry, clean the dishes, take out the trash and whatever else needs to be done. You're welcome. 6.Make a bunch of coupons for your mom to redeem as and when she pleases. Use ideas like "I will cook dinner for you," "I will clean my room immediately," "80's movie night" - get as creative as you like! Remember, when she chooses to use a coupon, you can't say no. 7.Fashion her a handmade card and get all your siblings to spill their love inside. Decorate the card with photographs, stickers, glitter, feathers and whatever else you can think of. Leave it next to her pillow so that she wakes up with a smile on her face. 8.Green fingers? Make your mum a sweet terrarium with an old glass fishbowl, some pretty pebbles and a whole bunch of small plants. Not only will it make for a beautiful decoration in the house - having plants indoors is extremely healthy as well! 9.Buy her a gift voucher to her favourite store and take her shopping. Encourage her to buy things which make her feel beautiful, and wind up a fabulous day of retail therapy with a warm, home cooked meal...cooked by you, of course! 10.The greatest gift of all: tell your mom that you love her, straight from the heart.