Make Your Designer Swimwear Last Longer!

designer-swimwear-care.fw When you come home from a fun day at the beach or by the pool, resist the temptation to strip off your bikini and shove it into a corner of your room, to be forgotten until the next time you need it. You have spent a lot of time and money in finding the designer swimwear that is perfect for your body type, so give it the TLC that it needs in order to last longer. We’ve got just the right set of tips to help you ensure that your sexy bikinis stay in good shape for seasons to come! Read More

We Heart PilyQ


Exotic like its name suggests, PilyQ swimwear, is a well-known swimwear brand based out of Barcelona. True to its Spanish roots, its collections are extremely artistic and heavily influenced by the breezy European “cabana chic” style. Think Spanish sunsets, flowing dresses and Latin dancing. That’s not all! The brand has a complete resort range and offers everything from sexy swimwear to beautiful cover ups and cute shorts to flirty dresses. We know what you are thinking: what more could a girl possibly want?

The best part is that every garment boasts of an amazing fit and cut, as though it has been tailor made for your body. Trust us when we say that you will feel like a goddess. Upon glancing their collection, you will notice that PilyQ is extremely detail-oriented. True to its bohemian inspiration, you will come across a lot of quirky prints, unique cuts, chic ruffles, eye-catching embellishments, delicate lace and feminine bows. There is a little something for everyone in each collection, regardless of your personal style, aesthetic taste or body shape and comfort level – you will find something that makes you feel like a supermodel! We are absolutely in love with their latest resort 2014 collection, especially their monochrome styles. By fusing black and white together, PilyQ have fashioned a beach look which is sharp, classy and timeless.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could style one of their brightly patterned bikinis with a sexy body chain or denim-cut off shorts, topped with a black fedora to keep the sun out of your eyes. Alternatively, you don’t add anything at all and it would still look equally fabulous! Anything goes. One of the most special things about PilyQ is that every bikini top and bottom, every one piece and every monokini is not just another swimsuit – it has a personality of its own and can be worn in a host of different ways to suit the mood and occasion.

Combining eclectic prints, colours and styles, PilyQ pieces are recognizable from a mile away and we strongly suggest you jump on the bandwagon as well. Ladies, you will thank us!