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When it comes to beauty products, a good lipstick is the holy grail. It has the power to bring life back into your face and instantly spruce up your appearance, even if you don’t wear anything else. Of course, we understand that getting the perfect lipstick look is not always easy, especially when you’re sporting a very bright or very dark shade. These nifty lipstick hacks will ensure that your pout looks flawless, every single time.


01. Prepping your lips before you swipe on your lipstick can make a world of difference, in the same way that primer improves the appearance of your foundation. Gently exfoliate your lips with an old toothbrush or clean mascara wand, and then apply some lip balm to moisturise them. Allow the balm to soak in for a few minutes before moving on to lipstick.


02. Have you ever gone out and rocked a red lip like a diva, only to come home and find that you had lipstick on your teeth the entire time? Ugh! So cringe-worthy! There’s an easy fix to ensure that you never step out of the house with lipstick on your teeth again. After you’ve applied your lipstick, pop your pointer finger into your mouth and pucker your lips around it for a few seconds. Any lipstick that may have gotten on your teeth will be on your finger instead.


03. Applying and reapplying your lipstick can be such a pain, especially if you are out and about from morning to night. However, you can easily get longer wear from even the most ordinary lipsticks. After you have applied your lipstick, hold a tissue over your puckers and gently dust on some translucent powder on top of it. This will lock the product in for a longer time.


04. Summer is around the corner and there’s a good chance that the heat might cause your lipsticks to soften and even melt. To avoid this catastrophe, store your lipsticks in the fridge when you’re not using them. You’re welcome, ladies.

05. If your favourite lipstick does happen to melt, or get crushed, don’t worry! Scoop whatever product is left into a clean contact lenses case or a small pill box. You can use a lip brush to apply the product whenever you need to.


06. For a defined cupid’s bow, you only need to know how to draw an X. Use a sharp lip liner to draw a downward diagonal line from the highest point of your top lip and then repeat this on the other side of the top lip to create an X. Line the rest of your pout as you normally would, and then fill it in with lipstick as per usual. Voila! The perfect cupid’s bow.


07. Ladies with naturally pigmented lips often find it hard to get nude shades to show up, because the natural red or pink of their lips is too strong. To neutralise this pigment, start by applying some foundation to your lips. A little bit will go a long way. Once the foundation has set, you can apply the nude lipstick, and it will show up exactly as it’s meant to.

08. To make your bright lip colour pop, use a high-coverage concealer and precision brush to outline your lips after you have finished applying your lipstick. You can also use concealer to clear up any smudges and mistakes that you may have made.


09. If you have thin lips and want to create the illusion of fuller ones, apply concealer all over your lips than trace your natural lip line with a lip pen close to your skin tone. Finally smidgen highlighter to the center of your bottom lip. This will instantly plump up your pout!

10. Lip liner is an essential step in the lip routine, but it can often look harsh and overly defined, especially when using bold colours like red and purple. Soften your lip liner by gently smudging it inward with a clean finger after you have lined your lips and before you fill them in with lipstick. This will create a smooth and flawless finish.



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