Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know


When it comes to beauty products, a good lipstick is the holy grail. It has the power to bring life back into your face and instantly spruce up your appearance, even if you don’t wear anything else. Of course, we understand that getting the perfect lipstick look is not always easy, especially when you’re sporting a very bright or very dark shade. These nifty lipstick hacks will ensure that your pout looks flawless, every single time. Read More

5 Tips For Creating Perfect Eyelashes. Every. Single. Time.

create-perfect-eyelashesMost of us don’t pay as much attention to our eyelashes as we probably should. We simply swipe on a couple of coats of mascara and assume that the job is done but rest assured, it isn’t! Your eyelashes are one of your most important features and if you style them right, they can transform your face in a way that you may have only dreamt of. So, how can you ensure that your eyelashes are on fleek, every single time? With these five tricks, of course! Read More

7 Reasons Why You Need Primer


Makeup primer has been a very polarising topic. While some women call it out as a marketing gimmick; others swear by it. We are part of the latter. In fact, we fiercely believe that makeup primer is the most important part of every woman’s makeup routine, and a step that should never be skipped. We’ll tell you why. Read More