7 Reasons Why You Need Primer


Makeup primer has been a very polarising topic. While some women call it out as a marketing gimmick; others swear by it. We are part of the latter. In fact, we fiercely believe that makeup primer is the most important part of every woman’s makeup routine, and a step that should never be skipped. We’ll tell you why. Read More

5 Apps That Every Woman Should Have


Have no doubt that smartphones have changed our lives, for better and for worse. Today, every woman’s smartphone is her best friend and her lifeline for many reasons – namely, instant connectivity and accessibility to the world around her. This is great, yes, but how many of us use our smartphones to improve the quality of our lives? It’s time to start, ladies!

We know that storage space is a precious commodity, so we scoped the world of mobile applications to find the five best applications that every woman should have on her phone – and best of all, they’re all free! Read More