What Woman Don’t Know About Shaving


There are many ways to get rid of excessive and unwanted hair growth on your body and shaving is one of the most popular ones. Putting a razor to skin is not enough to achieve a smooth finish – the trick lies in the technique and unfortunately, many women get it so wrong. If you like to live in your swimwear, like most of us do, the perfect shave is very important, so we have put together a bunch of tips that will help you achieve just that! Read More

How To Treat Dry Summer Hair



Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year. I love everything about it – the deliciously warm weather, the opportunity to show off my bikini body, the gorgeous natural tan and of course, the holidays. However, with all good things come bad things too and in this case, the biggest downside is awful and dry summer hair.

For those of you who face the same predicament (and I can safely say that this is truer than ever for beach babes) – do not fear! There is a host of ways that you can treat your hair to counter the damage done by the heat! Read More

Winter Glam


I love many things about the freezing winter – sinful hot chocolate with marshmallows, infinity scarves in every color of the rainbow and the opportunity to finally bring out my good old boot collection. What I don’t like quite as much, however, is how dry my skin tends to get in the cold weather. I hate, hate, hate dry and crusty skin, so I am constantly on the look out for new ways to replenish mine. This winter, keep these handy tips in mind to prevent dry and cracked skin from ruining the season! Read More