Black Friday Sale: 10 Bikinis to Buy

2014-11-27 - black friday coverThe festive season has arrived, beginning with the day of gratitude, good food and great company. Of course, the mind-boggling discounts that follow after Thanksgiving are simply the cherry on top and boy, does Swimwear World have some treats in store for you! Ladies, prepare yourselves for the biggest designer swimwear sale of the year. This Black Friday, we are offering every single item at 30% off! Feast your eyes on these sexy designer bikinis on sale for some early beach loving: Read More

How To Survive A Breakup


Whether it was a summertime fling, crazy cyber courtship or a long-term relationship, break ups can and will turn your world upside down. They will hurt. They will make you cry. They will make you want to curl up under your blanket and disappear. Grieving over a lost love must take its natural course, but you can speed up the process and make survival infinitely easier. Read More