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  • PilyQ Posh, 550-400


    Sexy halter bikini


  • Lux Crochet

    Eye-catching Blair halter bikini


    Sale: $190.80

  • Cozumel

    Cia Maritima
    Beautiful halter bikini


  • Bendito Espina Bikini

    Agua Bendita
    Breath-taking halter bikini


    Sale: $156.00

  • Inked Stripe

    Beautiful sliding triangle bikini


  • Python Farrah

    Charlie by Matthew Zink
    Mesmerizing halter bikini


    Sale: $224.00

  • Summer Rain

    Blue Life
    Gorgeous halter bikini with reversible panty


  • Martinique

    Beautiful and rich solid halter bikini


  • Sundance Skin Halter

    Attractive halter bikini with reversible bottom


    Sale: $87.50

  • Pettise Halter

    Incredible halter bikini with reversible bottom


    Sale: $91.00

  • Goddess

    Incredible halter bustier bikini


    Sale: $141.56

  • Dreamy Blue

    Alluring Goddess bandeau bikini


    Sale: $57.60

  • Maia

    Cia Maritima
    Incredible halter bikini


    Out of stock
  • Black Gold

    Incredibly sexy halter bikini


    Sale: $95.20

  • Ankara

    Sensational halter bikini


    Sale: $124.80

  • Champagne Sparkle

    Luli Fama
    Incredible intertwine scoop halter bikini


  • Tanzania

    Lovely halter bikini


    Sale: $134.40

  • Jerry-Charlie

    Charlie by Matthew Zink
    Classic black bandeau bikini


    Sale: $224.00

  • Robyn-Paulina

    Charlie by Matthew Zink
    Classic coral red halter bikini


    Sale: $180.80

    Out of stock
  • Ora

    Alluring reversible bikini


  • Dakota

    Beautifully crafter halter bikini


  • Ora

    Sexy neoprene halter bikini


    Sale: $137.60

  • Macuira Caribe

    Amazing black halter bikini


    Sale: $103.84

  • Palms

    Incredible Goddess bandeau bikini


    Out of stock

Items 1 to 36 of 71 total

per page
  1. 1
  2. 2

Set Descending Direction

While the halter top works well for women of all types, this is a particularly good option for larger cup sized women who may need some extra support than the standard triangular shaped bikini tops offer them. The reason why the halter top bikini is more supportive is the wider or thicker straps that tie at the back and the neck; which also gives you a certain amount of adjustability to allow for your coverage preferences.

Halter swimsuits can also include a number of stylish embellishments that you may not find on other swimwear; things like: gold hardware, bows, ring details, and sexy prints. Add to that the fact that halter swimwear is still a relatively new thing on the beaches that you'll be visiting, and you can see how this supportive, stylish, sexy, swimsuit is going to make a splash on your next vacation.

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