Concealing Like A Beauty Guru


Choosing the right concealer for your skin tone and applying it like a professional is absolutely critical for achieving a beautiful complexion. With the huge clutter of products and advice coming from every direction, it can be difficult to master the art of concealing. We have sliced through all of the chaos, bringing you the most important tips for concealing like a beauty guru, from buying the right product to applying it with the right technique.  Read More

Eat Your Way To Amazing Skin!

Yes girls, you heard correctly. It is possible to eat your way to fabulous skin, and we’ll tell you exactly how!

Chocolate Is Not Bad For You

Forget what the haters say – the cocoa in chocolate is actually really good for your skin. It boasts of antioxidants which aid the process of repairing damaged skin and hydrating it as well, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and firm. If you have puffy skin, a couple of pieces a day can help to reduce this as well. Should we let you in on a small secret? Opting to munch on dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate accelerates these effects tremendously. You don’t always have to skimp on that after-dinner chocolate! Read More

Tips to Prepare Your Hair and Skin for Vacation


Agreed, nothing feels better than frolicking in the waves on a warm, sunny afternoon in a beautiful string bikini, but sometimes, we tend to forget that the strong rays of the sun can be harmful as well. Ladies, do not undermine the importance of prepping your hair and skin before and after a day at the beach to combat potential sun-induced damage.

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