5 Easy Steps to Get Your Body Bikini-Ready!


So, you have bought that designer bikini with a matching designer beach cover up to go. You are all set to work on your tan and spend hours lazing by the ocean on a beach towel. But wait; aren’t we skipping a step here? When you are ready to strut your stuff, you are going to want your body to be at its finest.

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you make sure that your body is at its bikini-best this season: Read More

Eat Your Way To Amazing Skin!

Yes girls, you heard correctly. It is possible to eat your way to fabulous skin, and we’ll tell you exactly how!

Chocolate Is Not Bad For You

Forget what the haters say – the cocoa in chocolate is actually really good for your skin. It boasts of antioxidants which aid the process of repairing damaged skin and hydrating it as well, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and firm. If you have puffy skin, a couple of pieces a day can help to reduce this as well. Should we let you in on a small secret? Opting to munch on dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate accelerates these effects tremendously. You don’t always have to skimp on that after-dinner chocolate! Read More