Make Your Designer Swimwear Last Longer!

designer-swimwear-care.fw When you come home from a fun day at the beach or by the pool, resist the temptation to strip off your bikini and shove it into a corner of your room, to be forgotten until the next time you need it. You have spent a lot of time and money in finding the designer swimwear that is perfect for your body type, so give it the TLC that it needs in order to last longer. We’ve got just the right set of tips to help you ensure that your sexy bikinis stay in good shape for seasons to come! Read More

Luscious Leopard Lovin’

sauvage-swimwear-2015This year is all about making a bold style statement with some funky animal prints. We are currently head-over-heels in love with leopard print, snakeskin print, zebra print and all the other luscious animal prints that are dominating the designer swimwear trends. We couldn’t resist compiling our wildcat cravings for you to drool over. Read More

Tips on How To Rock Your Next Pool Party


Summer is fast-approaching and you know what that means: crazy pool parties almost every weekend! Styling your designer swimwear for a social event can be a cumbersome task, because you need to look amazing whilst being ready to jump (or be “accidentally” pushed”) into the pool at any time. Here are some sweet and simple ideas to help you look your best at your next poolside bash. Read More

Maaji Swimwear – The Quirky, Fun and Sexy Designer Line


If you love to experiment with fashion, we have the perfect brand for you! Maaji Swimwear 2014 is out-of-this-world amazing. Started in 2002 and hailing from the culture-rich country of Colombia, this swimwear house is all about beauty, charm and history, much like the place it comes from. Every collection has an intricate story behind it and tells a tale depicted through beautiful designer bikinis and much, much more. The brand boasts of a strong creative process to carefully conceptualize and craft each piece with a cocktail of ideas from the heads of expert designers, skillful garment manufacturers, well known pattern developers and the strong entrepreneurial spirit of the family that runs the show. The end result is some magical designer swimwear with a perfect fit to boot, which every lady has come to adore and trust over time.

The product range is vast, with a lot of sexy swimwear, subtle cover ups, goddess-like lingerie and fashionable accessories. It is a mixture of different colours, textures and cuts so there is a little something for everyone. What sets Maaji apart is their unmatched knack for translating the season’s hottest couture runway trends into eclectic, avant-garde swimwear. You can basically bring Fashion Week to a beach near you! With a strong focus on combining flirty romanticism with retro vibes, any beautiful babe clad in a Maaji outfit is guaranteed to feel ladylike, sexy and at her very best.

The Maaji 2014 collection brings an ultra cute collection to the table which is bound to appeal to your feminine side. You will see a lot of gorgeous girly ruffles in pastel shades like pink, purple, peach and baby blue. Incidentally, ruffles are going to be one of the biggest swimwear trends this year, and we suggest you snap up a slice of this cake as soon as possible! There is also a host of sweet and sassy floral print which is very reminiscent of the flower power era. However, what we love the most, are the delightful details which amp up the style quotient whilst remaining super subtle – delicate bows on bikini tops, sexy string ties on bikini bottoms, lace trims and never-before-seen silhouettes to make sure that you stand out from the crowd on your next beach adventure. We are truly, head-over-heels in love!

This brand is a class apart from everything else. Maaji puts the soul into swimwear.