Beach Essentials To Look Fabulous


So you have bought your designer bikini and matching cover up, but have you made sure that you have everything you need packed in a cute beach bag for your day on the sands? Don’t worry ladies, we are here to help you out with a list of everything you will need to make sure that your day at the beach is absolutely amazing. Shall we begin? Read More

Our Top Three Dream Beach Destinations!

Ladies, have you got your designer bikini packed and ready to flaunt at your next beach vacation? With all the glorious sandy spots that the world has to offer, it can be difficult to pin point your next travel destination. We thought we would help you out a little bit by compiling a list of the top three beaches across the globe – take your pick, girls!

Bora Bora, Tahiti


This beautiful island nestled in French Polynesia is one of the most amazing tropical holiday spots you will ever chance upon. With its picture-perfect white sand beaches, sprawling valleys which blossom with hibiscus and luscious lagoons encircled by palm trees, it is truly another world. The island is so small that you can literally circle it by car in an hour or two. Show off your designer bikini while indulging in some thrilling watersports, including scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and jetskiing. If you are looking for some much-needed relaxation, hop on a glass bottomed boat and peer into the crystal clear waters, or take in the beauty of the island on a private lagoon cruise with your partner. Whatever it is that you yearn for; we guarantee that you will find it here. Bora Bora is truly a slice of paradise. Read More

Tips to Prepare Your Hair and Skin for Vacation


Agreed, nothing feels better than frolicking in the waves on a warm, sunny afternoon in a beautiful string bikini, but sometimes, we tend to forget that the strong rays of the sun can be harmful as well. Ladies, do not undermine the importance of prepping your hair and skin before and after a day at the beach to combat potential sun-induced damage.

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Prep Yourself for Beach Days with this Handy Beach Beauty Guide


Deciding how to do your make up for a day at the beach is a cumbersome task. Whilst melting make up is not a good look for any girl, we know that you still want to look your best on the sands. The trick is to look natural whilst ensuring that you routine is fuss free and does not require too many touch ups throughout the day (what a pain!) Fear not, ladies, we understand your predicament and we are here to help with some quick tips for long lasting make up under the sun. Read More