How To Get Summer’s Best Looks


Put simply, make up is war paint. Whether it is a swipe of bright lipstick or kohl rimmed eyes, there is no denying that it ups your confidence, accentuates your best features and makes you feel 101% fabulous. We don’t know about your girls but we absolutely love to switch things up in our makeup routine when the season changes. That is why we have scouted the world for this season’s hottest makeup trends and brought them straight to your screen! The best part is that these trends are just perfect for the beach – skip the heavy foundation and use one (or all three) of these instead!

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6 Ways To Go Green Without Going Crazy


The New Year gave us a clean slate to start over and right our wrongs – but how many of us actually factored our environmental wrongs into this as well? If you haven’t, don’t worry because we’re only three months into the year and you can still alter the agenda and go green. Having an environmentally friendly lifestyle really isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and small changes to your daily habits can make all the difference. Here’s how: Read More

Get Fabulous Skin With These Homemade Facials!

42. Homemade Facemasks PicMonkey

Why waste your hard earned moolah on buying fancy products for your face (which often do more harm than good) when you can concoct your own at home and spend the money on a designer bikini instead? We have our eyes on the Fractal Reverie bikini by Maaji. Anyway. These treatments are super easy to make and are a great excuse to carve out some me-time or turn your home into a spa with your girlfriends! Here are our favorites: Read More