30 Minute Full Body Workout!



Own up, ladies! Have you stuck to your resolution to hit the gym every day and sculpt your dream bikini bod? Don’t worry; we’ve got an intensive and effective workout which will have you looking your very best all year round. All it takes is thirty minutes and you will be burning that pesky fat in no time. Plug on some good beats and let’s begin: Read More

Five Fabulous Smoothies for the Summer


At Swimwear World, we simply cannot resist a snack which is healthy and tasty. I mean, could there be a better combination for the summer?! That’s why we have been raiding our respective fridges for fun ingredients to throw into the blender and mix into delectable smoothies. Smoothies are great because you can have them at anytime of day. They make for a super filling pre and post workout drink but can also be had when the evening munchies kick in or with a light dinner. Here are our top five smoothie blends for the summer: Read More