5 Not-So-Healthy Health Foods


2016 is the year of getting healthy, getting fit and getting your dream body. There are a lot of factors that influence your success – namely, exercise and diet. When it comes to the latter, everyone and their uncle has an opinion about what you should and should not eat. Some of these opinions are correct and others are not, so it is important that you take dietary advice from a reliable source. In fact, there are several so-called “healthy” foods that are actually not good for you. These five are part of the gang: Read More

Help: What Should I Eat Before & After My Workout?!


Beach babes, are you ready to burn those pesky calories to get in to your new PilyQ bikini? Not so fast! In order to make sure that your work out is as effective as it can possibly be; you need to fuel up about thirty minutes before. Many make the mistake of breaking a sweat on an empty stomach – this is a big no-no! Even if you are hitting the gym first thing in the morning, you need to chow down on a combination of carbohydrates and protein to ensure that you have enough energy to make it through your work out and repair your muscles afterward. Read More