Five Fabulous Smoothies for the Summer


At Swimwear World, we simply cannot resist a snack which is healthy and tasty. I mean, could there be a better combination for the summer?! That’s why we have been raiding our respective fridges for fun ingredients to throw into the blender and mix into delectable smoothies. Smoothies are great because you can have them at anytime of day. They make for a super filling pre and post workout drink but can also be had when the evening munchies kick in or with a light dinner. Here are our top five smoothie blends for the summer: Read More

The Bikini Area – To Shave or To Wax?


Summer is coming and you know what that means: it is time to shave/wax/remove your natural winter fur coat! Wether you are about strut around in a brazilian cut bikini or the hipster boy short styles that Maaji Swimwear and Seafolly swimwear is all about, dealing with bikini lines can be slightly difficult and scary, because the skin is so sensitive down there. You can pick one of two ways – waxing, which is more painful but lasts longer, or shaving, which is pain-free but grows back quickly. Whichever you choose to go with, we’ve rounded up some tips to ensure that your hair removal experience is as smooth as possible. Read More

Beach Essentials To Look Fabulous


So you have bought your designer bikini and matching cover up, but have you made sure that you have everything you need packed in a cute beach bag for your day on the sands? Don’t worry ladies, we are here to help you out with a list of everything you will need to make sure that your day at the beach is absolutely amazing. Shall we begin? Read More