30 Minute Full Body Workout!



Own up, ladies! Have you stuck to your resolution to hit the gym every day and sculpt your dream bikini bod? Don’t worry; we’ve got an intensive and effective workout which will have you looking your very best all year round. All it takes is thirty minutes and you will be burning that pesky fat in no time. Plug on some good beats and let’s begin: Read More

The Secrets to Beautiful Feet !


Own up, ladies. Are you guilty of not giving your feet the TLC they need to look silky smooth? It is okay; most of us forget what our tootsies go through in daily life. Sadly, uncared for feet can look awfully shabby in flip-flops; definitely not a good look for any sexy bikini babe. We are here to help you ensure that your feet are prepped and fabulous, just like the rest of you, in time for the bikini season! Read More

We’ve got the scoop on Aqua Di Lara 2014!


Nothing sizzles quite like Aqua Di Lara swimwear. Created by the infamous designer Reyhan Sofraci, her Mediterranean roots often influence her work. The brand hails from the fashion forward city of Montreal, Quebec, and is constantly breaking boundaries by bringing the hottest couture runway trends to swimwear. You can’t capture their vibe in one word because it is eclectic and ever-changing, yet always sophisticated and classy. With high quality fabric and the most stylish designs, they’ve got all your designer swimwear needs covered.In a nutshell, their latest collection is sassy. Think good girl gone bad meets Lolita meets glamourous surfer chick, and you may get a rough idea of what we are on about. With just the right amount of edginess and the perfect dollop of feminism, this collection is the ultimate summer stunner. Read More